Technology is the cornerstone of our programs. Contemporary research suggests that technology assists greatly in teaching individuals with special needs and facilitating positive outcomes. ColorsAcademy utilizes mobile technology to have teachers, parents and caregivers work collaboratively with each child and maintain greater uniformity in life skills training across different settings and locales.

At ColorsAcademy, each child’s progress is consistently tracked and analyzed to ensure they reach their full potential.

Our Mission

ColorsAcademy Training Center will create life-changing opportunities for children with special needs. We will provide individualized learning experiences to each of our students. Life skills will form an integral part of all learning, giving our students real life experiences and providing future independence. We recognize the physical environment is paramount to removing barriers to learning. ColorsAcademy will offer an enriched learning environment through a combination of exceptional facilities and a unique indoor learning center. Experienced and dedicated teachers and support staff will provide a complete all-round education enabling our students to reach their full potential. We will work very closely with families so that our students receive consistency in all areas of their lives.

We have high levels of aspiration for every student both academically and socially. Forging close links with schools, businesses and local projects will not only promote inclusion of students in the society but will also enable their achievements to be recognized and celebrated within their community. We believe that given the right environment, every child with special needs is capable of excelling in their academic, personal and professional lives. ColorsAcademy Training Center will make this possible.