Programs at the Academy focus on the development of pre-academic and essential life skills. All programs start with skills assessment and close with a future plan.

Try-Out Program

A single-session program to experience the learning process

Starter Program

A monthly program targeting skills to meet short-term goals for a child

Ongoing Annual Program

A continual learning program to meet long-term goals for a child

Custom Program

Designed to meet specific goals for each child

Program Outline

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A program begins with structured and planned assessment. This helps us identify the areas and skills that need attention and strengthening.

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@ Academy & @ Home Sessions

One-on-one, group and technology-based sessions are available. Parents or primary caregivers can revisit sessions planned at the Academy on their mobile devices.

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Monitoring & Tracking Progress

Real-time progress of each child can be accessed and monitored on mobile devices. Performance review meetings are held periodically with parents so they know about their child’s progress.

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Reassessment & Future Plan

The closure of any program is marked by clear planning for the next stage or level.

Specialized Services

The intervention offered at the Academy supplements that provided in special or inclusive schools.
ColorsAcademy focuses on skills training.

Life Skills

We provide individualized programs with emphasis on the development of skills necessary for full participation in everyday life.

Social Skills

Our programs use a person-centered approach to help individuals overcome social anxiety.

Time Management

We have scheduling tools to help students with special needs stay on track with their daily routine by managing their time better.

Executive Functioning

Our comprehensive range of assessment and intervention solutions help develop executive functioning skills necessary for self-control and -regulation.